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    Tripod Thread Sizes List of various sizes of tripod threads for reference only.

    Please note: That there are no parts available for a few of the tripods listed that need work or parts.

    All Items are used except those noted otherwise.

    For all Tripods and Parts there are NO REFUNDS after the sale so
    please make sure this is something that you want and be very sure
    the thread size is correct for your instrument prior to purchasing.
    ALL TRIPOD SALES ARE FINAL............... No refunds allowed.

    I'm very sorry UPS shipping costs have recently nearly doubled or more.
    Although there are other shipping methods at leaser cost. I have had
    considerable losses with FedEx and the US Postal Service so I will not
    ship with them. The cost of shipping a tripod will be nearly $70.00 or
    possibly more.

    ALL TRIPOD and PART SALES ARE FINAL............... No refunds allowed.

    . Please note: I have several differently threaded tripod heads. If you need a thread size
    . other than what is listed here please let me know. It may be possible to change thread sizes
    . on some of these tripods. I will be pleased to check and let you know.
    2456 Tripod, Keuffel & Esser, model 78-0035A  58" high oak wide frame stiff leg, 5/8" X 11 thread,
      with thread / head protector cap, Excellent condition.  PHOTO  PHOTO  PHOTO   $200.00
    2458 Tripod, Kern, Swiss 54" high oak stiff leg Plane Table Tripod with Kern Plane Table Leveling Head.
    SOLD No table, but with the threaded inserts for a table one missing.  In excellent condition
      This is a extremely difficult tripod to find. PHOTO  PHOTO  PHOTO  PHOTO    $400.00
    2461 Tripod, Johnson head plane table tripod, make unknown, typical as made to US Government specifications
       USCE ( US Corps of Engineers) 5/8" X 18 Male Thread, Maple extension legs 34" to 59". Excellent condition.
      excepting varnish is flaking off in some locations- see photos. Legs slide out hard. PHOTO  PHOTO  PHOTO  $250.00
    2467 Tripod, copy of Wild, identical to Wild, wide frame stiff leg, 66 inches high, 5/8" X 11 threads,
      with thread protector cap, painted red and yellow, Excellent condition  PHOTO    PHOTO   $200.00
    2486 Tripod, Lietz / Sokkisha, model 7512-52 wide frame wood extension leg,
      5/8" X 11 thread, with thread and head protector cap. Excellent condition.
        PHOTO  PHOTO  $175.00
    2488 Tripod, W. & L. E. Gurley, 5/8" X 11 threads per inch, heavy wide frame extension legs.
    SOLD Legs extend from 44" to 73" , Excellent condition    PHOTO  PHOTO  $200.00
    2497 Tripod Thread Adaptor, converts 5/8" X 11 thread tripod to 3 1/2" X 8 
    .SOLD thread.  New made of Aluminum.  I have several in stock    PHOTO   $35.00 Last one no longer available
    2498 Tripod, Chicago Steel Tape, model WDW-20, 5/8 inch X 11 thread, wide frame extension
      legs extend from 42?inches to 70?inches, (This is a copy of the Wild GST20 tripod.)
      in excellent working condition, one spur broken see photo.  PHOTO    PHOTO    PHOTO   $200.00
    2505 Tripod, Make Unknown,, non-magnetic, for compasses, ?quot; X 20 threads per inch
      Twist lock extension legs (with reversible points) extend from 32" to 59"
      Excellent condition   PHOTO   PHOTO   $100.00
    2510 Tripod, Kern, model 150B, 19mm diameter X 1.5mm threads, Dome head wood
      extension legs extend from 36 inches to 63 inches. For use with GKO, GKO-A, and
      GK1-A levels. Also it can be used with Kern tilting levels GK23 and GK1-C
      In excellent condition.  PHOTO    PHOTO   $300.00
    2514   Look at this !   Tripod, W. & L. E. Gurley, Explorer's Transit Tripod, 2.850 X 18 threads per inch, maple
      extension leg extends from 42" to 57", Takes down with legs that screw together for overall length of 23 inches!!
      See photos, Extremely nice condition and it is a Extremely RARE tripod.
       PHOTO    PHOTO    PHOTO    PHOTO     PHOTO       $600.00
    2515 Tripod, Kern, model 150A, 19mm diameter X 1.5mm threads, Dome head wood stiff legs
    SOLD with thread protector cap, one side of one leg needs gluing and building up at top, but it is ok to use as is.
      good condition PHOTO    PHOTO  PHOTO  $150.00
    2516 Trivet, may be made by Ainsworth, Denver. 2.880 X 12 threads, bronze.
       PHOTO  $50.00
    2518 Tripod, W. & L. E. Gurley, compass tripod, mahogany stiff legs 30?high
    SOLD .980" X 32 threads per inch. Probably made for mining, legs have not been cut down
      excellent condition    PHOTO    PHOTO  $300.00
    2519 Tripod,  Keuffel & Esser, maple stiff leg compass tripod 51?quot; high
    SOLD 1.174 X 20 threads per inch, converted from sketching table tripod
      In excellent condition  PHOTO    PHOTO  $250.00
    2521 Tripod,  Keuffel & Esser, Sketching Table tripod, maple stiff leg compass tripod 51?quot; high
    SOLD no table connection, it will make a great compass tripod, Excellent ++ condition
       PHOTO    PHOTO  $250.00
    2522 Tripod, Dietzgen, maple  stiff leg, Sketching Table tripod 51?quot; high
      Key hole type connection to table, it will make a great compass tripod, Excellent ++ condition
      PHOTO    PHOTO  $250.00
    2524 Tripod, Kern, model 150A, 19mm diameter X 1.5mm threads, Dome head wood stiff legs
      with broken thread protector cap, one side of one leg needs gluing at top, two of the legs were cut down,
      but it is ok to use as is, good condition otherwise, Handy man special. PHOTO   PHOTO  PHOTO $100.00
    2531 Tripod, make unknown, Oak stiff leg 56?inches high. 2.955 X 10 thread and 1.125 X 16 female thread
      with thread protector cap,  PHOTO    PHOTO   $200.00
    2536 Tripod, English Pattern,  Mahogany stiff leg 60 inches high, 1.675 X 14 thread.
       In excellent condition.    PHOTO    PHOTO   PHOTO   $300.00
    2539 Tripod thread adapter 5/8" X 11 female thread X 1.375" X 13 (35mm X 2mm actual) male thread
    . Fits some Dietzgen and Berger instruments.  PHOTO   $30.00
    2557 Tripod Thread Adapter, 3?quot; X 8 thread tripod head to fit 5/8" X 11 thread instruments, for most
      Theodolites, auto levels, and lasers. PHOTO    PHOTO  $35.00 Last one
    2583 Bracket, Mining, C. L. Berger & Sons, Bronze, 2.250" X 12 threads per inch, with thread
    SOLD protector. Screws in to hole drilled in mine shoring to support mining transit in place of a tripod.
      16 inches over all length. Good condition, Very Rare Accessory, PHOTO $400.00
    2597 Tripod, make unknown, brass extension legs, steel top with ?inch X 20 male thread
      extends from 16?inches to 43?inches, Good condition. PHOTO    $20.00
    2599 Tripod, unknown make, 3 1/8" X 16 male threads and 1?quot; X 16 female threads.
    with thread protector cap, painted red and white.   PHOTO  $160.00
    2759 Tripod, Aluminum extension leg, with lever lock, 5/8" x 11 TPI. Looks
    identical to Chicago Steel Tape.  NEW!!    PHOTO        $125.00
    2760 Tripod, Berger, Aluminum extension leg, with lever lock, ?quot; x 20 TPI. 
    for small builders instruments.  NEW!!     PHOTO      $125.00
    . The trivets below are similar to the trivets with photos and are for the small 12" dumpy or wye levels.
    . If you are serious about buying one of the trivets below and need a photo ask. They are like the below in size.
    3901 Trivet, unknown make, low, Bronze, 3?quot; X 8 threads per inch threads per inch.  PHOTO   PHOTO  $35.00SOLD
    3902 Trivet, Keuffel & Esser, Bronze, 3" X 12 threads per inch.  $30.00 SOLD
    3903 Trivet, Dietzgen, Bronze, 2.562 X 12 threads per inch.   $30.00
    3904 Trivet, Keuffel & Esser , Bronze, 1.375 X 16 female threads per inch.  $30.00
    3905 Trivet, unknown make, Bronze, 1.468 X 14 female threads per inch.  $30.00
    3956 Trivet, David White, low, 3?X 8 Threads, new, black hard plastic 2 in stock PHOTO  $30.00
    3958 Trivet, unknown make, Bronze, 3.150 X 14 threads per inch.  PHOTO  $30.00
    . I have several of these all same except length of the posts
    3959 Trivet, unknown make, Bronze, 3.150 X 14 threads per inch.  PHOTO  $30.00
    3960 Trivet, unknown make, Bronze, 1.485 X 14 threads per inch.  PHOTO  $30.00
      may fit instruments by L. Beckmann Co. of Toledo, Ohio
    4130 Tripod, Keuffel & Esser, 3 inch diameter flat top with 5/16" X 18 threaded
    . spring loaded thumb screw. .Excellent +++ Condition  PHOTO  PHOTO  $200.00
    . It is for use with K&E Keuffel & Esser Model 1913 Sketching Board & Compass Model 1913


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