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    3949 - Microscope Micrometer Eye Piece, Bausch & Lomb, with 6X objective
                lens and fitted morocco box. FINE  PHOTO   $300.00 NOW ON SPECIAL $100.00

    3953 - Sling Psychrometer, Taylor, excellent condition, no box     PHOTO      $70.00

    3957 - Ultraviolet Lamp, Mineralight, model UVGL58, 
                110V short and long wave.    PHOTO   $300.00

    3995 - Stereo Microscope, Bausch & Lomb. 40x. No box.    PHOTO  $100.00

    3996 - Microscope, Spencer, Student. Ca 1920. No box.    PHOTO   $200.00 NOW ON SPECIAL $100.00

    4111 - Cathetometer, SIP (Swiss) Ca. 1890. J. W. Queen label, 1 meter, complete
                exc. condition. a rare piece of lab equipment by a top maker.  PHOTO      $2000.00 NOW ON SPECIAL $600.00