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                                                                               Hand made knives

                                               by Robert Parrish

                               This page is for information only, none of the knives are for sale.   
                                                          No orders are being taken.                            

                                               8" Survivor with 1903 Keuffel & Esser, NY Explorer's Transit.


                         8" Survivor                               8" Survivor saw teeth            8" Survivor sheath               8" Survivor sheath                           
            1/4" thick X 1?quot; X 8" 440C
                  stainless steel  blade
            13" overall length with 8" blade.
            Several different blade lengths
            and features were made. Over
            2000 were made and sold
            world wide.


                                                                               6" Sunfish Survivor 
                                                       1/4" X 1?quot; X 6" blade of 440C stainless steel blade
                                                                             10 7/8" overall length


                                                                           Three Quarter Scale Survivor
                                                             3/16" X 1?quot; X 6" blade of 440C stainless steel
                                                                                   10 ?quot; overall length


                                                  Model 36                                                                             9" Bowie
                         1/4" X 1" X 5" 440C stainless steel blade                        1/4" X 2" X 9" 440C stainless steel blade
                                           9?overall length                                                                 15" overall length


                                 6"  Silver Sliver                                                                             6" Silver Sliver II
                  3/16" X ?quot; X 5?quot; 440C stainless steel blade.                      1/4" thick X 1?quot; X 6" 440C stainless steel blade.
                          550 parachute cord wrapped handle.                                         550 parachute cord wrapped handle.
                                    9?quot; overall length                                                                            10" overall length




                                                                         Two views of the 6" Silver Sliver III
                                                                            1/4" thick 440C stainless steel
                                                                                       1?quot; X 6" long blade.
                                                                                  Hypalon Handle or Micarta 
                                                                              Made in different blade lengths.
                                                                           10?quot; overall length with a 6" blade.


                            Indian Bowie                                                     Tanto                                                              Massasauga
            3/16" or 1/4" thick blade                            1/4" thick 440C stainless steel                        1/4" thick 440C stainless steel
            1?quot; wide X 7?quot; long blade                            1?quot; wide X 7" long blade                               1?quot; wide X 6" long blade 
            of 440C stainless steel                                       of 440C stainless steel                                   of 440C stainless steel
            Full Tang micarta handle                                   Full Tang micarta handle                                 Full Tang micarta handle
                  12" overall length                                             12?quot; overall length                                              11" overall length

                                                                                      Light Weight Hunter
                                                            3/16" thick X ?quot; X 3 3/8" 440C stainless steel blade
                                                                                       7 5/8" overall length

                                                                                  Light Weight Skinner
                                                          3/16" thick X 1" X 2?quot; 440C stainless steel blade
                                                                                  7 5/8" overall length


                                                                  Hundreds of other knives were made.

                                                                              Custom made Sword
                                   3/8" X 2?quot; X 28 3/16" 440C blade, fluted Ivory micarta twisted stainless steel wire
                                    wrapped handle, stainless steel guard and pommel 37 3/8" overall length


                                                               Custom made silver mounted Dagger
                                                        3/16" X 1" X 4?quot; 154CM blade, Bone handle,
                                                       African bull frog skin and silver mounted sheath



                                             Custom made Fighter                                             Two custom made 8" Silver Sliver III

            Custom Silver Sliver III One of four made. Made in 1989..
            512 Layer Damascus 3/16" x 1" x 8" Blade and guard,
            304 stainless Butt Cap and White Paper Micarta handle.

            The following 11 photos of knives I made are courtesy of Miles Welze