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                                                      About what I do.
                I have an extensive collection of surveying instruments, and optical 
    tooling equipment that are available for sale. I am no longer accepting any
    instrument repair, restoration, calibration,
    or machine work.

              I have a large stock of instrument parts
    me at:
              Please remember most old parts do not interchange and must be 
    fitted, or made.
              Please E-mail about needed parts with as much information as
    possible and photos of the instrument and old part or parts, measurements
    must be in inches and thousands of a inch. Fractions or metric measurements
    are totally useless.

    I do not accept consignments, please don't ask me to sell a instrument for you.

    Many parts are available for the following manufacturers.

    Buff & Buff                           Kern                                David White
    W. & L. E. Gurley                Brunson                          Bausch & Lomb
    Keuffel & Esser                  Carl Heinrich                  Dietzgen
    C. L. Berger & Sons          Geo-Tec                         Lietz
    Sokkisha                             And others......
    Prices and availability will be quoted upon request

    Please read this first before asking about parts.

    I have in stock over a thousand level vials of various sizes and sensitivities.
    I need to know when asking for a particular vial the free length inside the tube,
    the inside diameter to the nearest thousands of a inch, the length of the window
    opening and desired sensitivity, or its application. Measurements in fractions are
    useless, please get help from a machine shop for the measurements.
    Prices will be quoted upon request.

    I do not do appraisals or give values.

    For values of a instrument it is best to watch ebay “completed auctions?over several
    months seeing sales not relisted but sold. “Ended?prices are useless at best.. “Sold?
    prices are what you can go by. What things are listed for is often very unrealistic.

    I am not able give a value for a instrument unless I have it here to inspect.

    If you want help dating or identifying a instrument E-mail me, please include photos in
    Jpeg 640 X 480 size.
    ; all markings i.e.: numbers, names, labels; also measurements
    in your first email.  The more information the better. You may experience delays in my
    response to your questions about your instrument as I must take care of my customers
    needs first. Please do not email any attachments. I do not open any attachments
    unless prior correspondence has been made
    Insert any photos, or other information
    in the text of the email. Please try searching the internet before contacting me.
    Often a simple search will answer your questions. I often find that to be true, please don't
    waste my time by not trying a search yourself before contacting me.

    Also I would appreciate a response to my return emails.

    Link to:  Packing your instrument  Please read before shipping to me.

    Business hours are: 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM  EST      
                    Monday through Thursday

                    Email to: robert@antiquesurveying.com

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