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    My mailing and shipping address.

                         Antique Surveying Equipment

                                                Attn: Robert Parrish

                           271 Allman Hill Road

                      Weaverville, NC 28787-8510

                    Business hours are: 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM  EST      
                                 Monday through Thursday

                              Before you E-mail please read below.
                                              It is best to contact me via E-mail.
                                 I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

                                     Please e-mail me prior to shipping anything.
      When shipping to me please send me via E-mail the tracking number

                                         E-mail to: robert@antiquesurveying.com

    I am sorry am not able to give a value of a instrument
    unless I have it here to inspect.

    If you want help dating or identifying a instrument E-mail me. Please include
    photos in Jpeg 640 X 480 size.; all markings i.e.: numbers, names, labels;
    also measurements
    in your first email. The more information the better. You
    may experience delays in my response to your questions about your instrument
    as I must take care of my customers needs first. Please do not email any attachments.
    I do not open any attachments unless prior correspondence has been made
    Insert any photos, or other information in the text of the email.




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