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     The 18 inch and larger Dumpy Levels and Wye Levels are often overlooked by collectors. They were a essential part of
     surveying, bridge construction, high rise construction, and other important construction projects. No collection should be
     with out them. Their size alone is impressive.

    2590 Wye Level, Buff & Buff,  18" S/N 29xxx, ca. 1930. With original 
    ..SOLD mahogany box, sun shade and lens cap. EXCELLENT CONDITION !  
    3 5/16" X 12 threads     PHOTO         $ 300.00
    2747 Wye Level, Buff & Buff, 18", with mahogany box, lens cap and sun shade.
    SOLD 3 5/16" X 12 threads  PHOTO    $450.00
    3060 Wye Level, Architects, Keuffel & Esser, model 5111, with horizontal circle, circle, serial number 48xxx ca. 1924,
    SOLD with lens cap and box. 1.406 X 16 Threads per Inch male threads  tripod head should be 3" or less
     in diameter. Objective lens has a chip in it but still works fine Excellent condition    PHOTO   $350.00
    3727 Wye Level, Keuffel & Esser, 18",  3?quot; X 8 threads, With new box, lens cap and 
    SOLD sun shade. Ca. 1955.   EXCELLENT CONDITION!!    in new formica covered box. PHOTO  $400.00
    4065 Wye Level, Berger, 18", with chipped objective lens.  Ca 1930.
    In mahogany case.   PHOTO       $200.00
    4071 Wye Level, F. Brandis & Sons, 18", Ca 1908.  No telescope.
    In mahogany box. Sold as is.  PHOTO       $150.00