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    Last update March 2, 2020

     Watch this list, there is more to come. I just need the time to list all the stuff.

                Partial Instruments and Major Parts

    All Items listed here are sold as is. No returns.

         All of the following need work and or parts.
           I do not have the missing parts, and or the inclination to repair them.


    2546 Clinometer, Thomas Reynolds, Birmingham, England, made between 1767 and 
    SOLD 1781, 12 1/16" long, May be for artillery use, in fitted morocco case. 
    Vial broken. Excellent condition. SOLD AS IS, New vial could be 
    made by glass blower, and filled with alcohol.  Sold as is.
      PHOTO   PHOTO   PHOTO   PHOTO    PHOTO  $300.00
    2573 Theodolite, Keuffel & Esser, model KE/G6-730075, Degree Theodolite.
    SOLD US Army Prototype, serial # 003, made in 1974. Has a coincidence vial  
      level on scope. Major scope parts, lenses, and circle reading microscope 
      are missing, Except for the missing parts it is in excellent condition. 
      5/8" X 11 threads.  With accessory pack (see photos) containing manual,
      right angle prisms, tools, lighting, compass, battery box, cable, hand lamp,
      etc. serial number 003.   PHOTO  PHOTO  PHOTO  PHOTO 
      PHOTO  PHOTO  PHOTO  PHOTO  Sold as is.  $700.00   REDUCED TO  $400.00
    . or make offer

    3987 -     Auto Level, Schneider, model SM-2, no case needs work,
                    5/8' X 11 threads  sold as is.    PHOTO    $100.00

    For the next two see specials.

    3994 Theodolite, Zeiss, Model TH2, 1 second, with quick adjusting ball base. In K&E plastic case.
    Please refer to the three photos included for condition. They are typical and also show the
      only apparent scratches to the finish. The lenses etc. are excellent, no scratches
      or coating problems. Every thing functions except seeing the vertical and horizontal circles.
    Excellent + Condition, except it needs light path adjustment and calibration.    5/8" X 11 threads
    . PHOTO  PHOTO  PHOTO  PHOTO  PHOTO  $1750.00 price reduced to $500.00. sold as is, no returns.
    4022 Theodolite, Zeiss, Model TH2, 1 second, with quick leveling ball base,
    Ca 1960. 5/8" X 11 threads excellent +++ except it needs light path work in order to view the horizontal circle.
      PHOTO  PHOTO  PHOTO  PHOTO  Theodolite only with standard carry handle as shown with #3994.above.
    .  The Carry Handle shown with the compass is not included, and no compass is included.
    .  $3000.00 Price reduced to $500.00 Sold as is. No returns
    4064 Range Finder, Unknown, 36",  WWII era. (US Army).  with adapter 
    SOLD for 5/8" x 11"  tripod.  No box.  Sold as is. Please look at the photos.
       PHOTO  PHOTO  PHOTO   PHOTO  PHOTO  PHOTO     $100.00

    4071 -    Wye Level, F. Brandis & Sons, 18", Ca 1908.  No telescope.
                   In mahogany box. Telescope is not available, Sold as is
                    PHOTO    $150.00

    4076 -    Transit, C. L. Berger & Sons. No vertical circle. In mahogany box.
                    Needs work. Center spindle is broken. No parts are available.
                    Good only for parts. Sold as is
    .   PHOTO     $ 200.00

    4081 -    Theodolite, C. L. Berger & Sons. vertical circle guard is broken. In homemade plywood box.
    SOLD     Needs work. Look close at the photos. The vertical circle guard is
                    broken and needs to be replaced, one side of the standard is broken,
    the standard needs to be replaced. There are no parts available.
                   Sold as is
    .   PHOTO   PHOTO  PHOTO  PHOTO   $400.00

    5177 -    Theodolite, Kern, model K1-A, no eye piece, no scale reading eye piece,
                    and some other parts are missing. Good for parts only.
    PHOTO     PHOTO    PHOTO  Sold as is, no return. $100.00

    The following instruments are to be sold as is, no repairs or parts are available, no returns.

    Please see the photos, look close and they should answer all your questions. What you see is all there is!
    The listed prices are firm.

    6012 -    Solar compass plate only maker unknown,
    PHOTO  PHOTO  $200.00  Make Offer !!!

    6015 -   W. & L. E. Gurley, Smith Solar Attachment and counter weight
     PHOTO  PHOTO $1000.00 Excellent and ready to mount. Special $600.00 LISTED ON EBAY NOW buy it there!

    6016 -    W. & L. E. Gurley, Smith Solar Attachment for parts only
      PHOTO $300.00

    6017 -   Buff & Buff, Smith Solar attachment
     PHOTO  PHOTO $1000.00 Excellent and ready to mount.  Special $600.00 LISTED ON EBAY NOW buy it there!

    6018 -   Buff & Buff, Smith Solar attachment for parts only
    PHOTO  $300.00


     Email to:  Robert Parrish   robert@antiquesurveying.com